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          GoldenYear is a manufacture of medium and heavy-duty truck and car brake discs for the aftermarket. We have over 2,000 part numbers for cars, trucks, trailers, transit buses, coac buses, and various off-highway equipment.

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          Over sixteen years of manufacturing experience and process improvement make our products the gold standard of our industry.


          GoldenYear Co. - Yantai Golden Years Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production and sale of brake discs, brake drums, rough casting, and casting parts. We have a comprehensive quality testing equipment and quality assurance system. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Our company has many years of mature and extensive experience in the production of various brakes. We are developing new products constantly. We are highly capable of and skillful in producing customized products, according to customer's drawings, samples, car models, or OEM numbers. Our company's existing casting workshop, machining workshop, a number of advanced production lines and professional disc production equipment, such as CNC balancing machines, CNC marking and labeling machines, polishing machines, graphic grinding machines and so on, can meet a variety of customer processing requirements.
          We have more than 2,000 kinds of brake models at present. Our monthly production capacity is about 400 tons (America). Our products are exported to Europe, Middle East, North America and other places. We are overwhelmed with great feedback from our customers for our super quality products and excellent reliable service.
          The Company's Goal: To become a well-known domestic and international supplier of super quality products.
          Corporate Spirit: Promote teamwork
          Encourage innovation
          Be persistent
          Corporate Values: Establish the company with super quality products and
          get people's hearts with excellent service.
          Business Philosophy: Integrity, quality, innovation, and win-win.
          Corporate Service Concept: Respect for customers, respect the facts, respect for science.
          Corporate Mission: Promote the progress of the industry and promote social development.
          Corporation Responsibility: Create values for customers, build a successful stage for employees, and make due contributions to society.
          Corporate Behavior Culture: Listening, smiling, praising, and appreciation.
          Employee Style: Fast, seriously, committed to promise.
          Staff Slogan: Practical work, honest person
          Staff Motto: I am born with the talent to be useful.

          Copyright@ 2013 Golden Years Co. TEL: +86-535-6714-862 FAX:+86-535-690-5220
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